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Two things you need to know about Uccello

This happened so long ago I wasn’t going to bother with this post at all. It’s from mother’s day this year – the in-laws wanted to try somewhere a bit fancy and Italian, so I made a booking at Uccello because it was a monday night and nothing else was open for dinner.

Uccello is part of the Ivy and I’d never been interested in it – not with Cafe Sopra and Jamie’s Italian only a few blocks away. But we went because it was the only place that fit the brief and there were just a couple of things that blew me away and I feel like I need to tell the world about.



THEY HAVE BOOTH SEATS GUYS!! The only appropriate way to describe these seats is “PIMP”. They look like they’ve come straight off the set of Mad Men.

They’re round and spacious which means EVERYONE at the table gets to dine in the comfort of a cushy lounge. So very stylish and retro and most importantly, so comfortable! Where do you ever see seats like these nowadays?

I wasn’t even going to take photos of this dinner, because I thought it might be bad etiquette in front of my in-laws, but that was thrown out the window as soon I walked in and saw these babies.


Uccello is a really beautiful looking restaurant overall, and manages to be both rustic and modern. A lovely place for dinner if you want to impress a date or treat your family. There are normal tables and chairs too so make sure you request the booth seat when you make a reservation!


Secondly, one of the most gorgeous, generous and gluttonous chicken dishes I’ve ever had:


This is the ‘Pollo arrosto, polenta, salvia’ half Barossa chicken with polenta, butter and sage ($33). I ordered this mainly because I wanted to try the polenta, and I mustn’t have seen the world “half” on the menu because I was just expecting a big pool of polenta with a few chicken pieces in the middle. So when this was put in front of me I was just… “Wow.”


See that pool of yellow liquid? That’s not some kind of stock or sauce – it is PURE melted butter. And I love my butter but serving up butter like soup? That’s real ballsy. Not for the faint hearted.

Each mouthful was perfectly tender roast chicken, crispy skin, creamy polenta, all covered in butter. Ridiculously tasty. I shared a couple of pieces but pretty much finished the dish all by myself (I did feel a bit ill afterwards – butter and wine did not sit well together in my stomach)

So to all you fellow chicken lovers – you NEED to try this. It’s one of Chef David Lovett’s signature dishes so I expect it to stay on the menu for a long time. But why wait? Go eat it now while your cholesterol levels are still in the safe zone.

And here is what else we ate, just in case you’re curious…


‘Antipasto Misto’ lardo, sardines, olive ascolana, prosciutto, roast eggplant, ricotta pesto ($21).

Continuing the theme of pure fat on a plate, that’s cured pig fat in the top right. The sardines were very good.


‘Grigliata mista, aglio, prezzemolo’ lamb chop, pork sausage, spatchcock, garlic,  parsley ($38)

Sounded like an impressive meat-heavy dish on the menu, but came out as one of the ugliest plates I’ve seen. Lamb on a really long bone, a flattened sausage and a couple of spatchcock wings. Poor Matt thought he was going to get an epic meat platter and was disappointed.


‘Trota al forno con patate’ wood fired rainbow trout, potatoes, olives  ($34)

Very well priced for an ENTIRE fish, but quite black from the wood fire.


‘Spaghetti marinara in bianco’ snapper, scampi, vongole, mussels, squid, garlic, parsley ($27)


‘Bocca Negra’, baked 64% Valrhona manjari chocolate, pear and rum sorbet ($14)

Unbelievably rich so it make sense that it’s referred to as “baked chocolate” rather than “chocolate cake”. The sorbet helped, but we could only handle a few mouthfuls of this each. For hardcore chocolate addicts only.

So, to recap: BOOTH SEATS and HALF CHICKEN. That’s all you need to remember.

Level 4, ivy
320 George Street , Sydney, 2000

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